Starting Video Production? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

With the low barrier to entry and powerful software now available on the market video production has become a highly competitive field. Use these tips to help boost your video production and stay ahead of the curve.

Plan Your Content

The first key to success is planning, and video production is no different. Who is your target audience? What is the message you’re trying to convey? What tools and equipment will you need? All of these questions will help tailor your content in the best possible way to meet your goals.

Don’t Overspend on Equipment

Especially if you’re just starting, with the availability of great, cheap cameras there’s simply no need to pay thousands of dollars for your first project. Phone cameras, especially in the high-end, can be more than enough for a beginner project to help you get your feet wet.

Film In Short Clips

It’s much easier, especially if there’s someone being filmed, to do short segments rather than extended shots. Footage will come out more naturally and it will be easier to edit when you’re not trying to fit too much into one clip.

Check the Acoustics of Your Location

Background noise and other unwanted audio can have a large impact on the quality of a shot as it’s much harder to remove this noise in post-production. Taking a sample recording and making sure the acoustics of the area are adequate is a good way to save time having to re-record or edit the audio in post.

Don’t Overdo Effects

It can be easy when you’ve found an interesting new effect to have it in everything, however with good video production less is more. Using effects sparingly but in impactful moments will keep the audience interested without overdoing it.

Hopefully these tips can help anyone looking to start a hobby or career in video production. With such a highly competitive industry it’s essential to do your research and ensure the quality of your content is as high as possible.