Stocking a Home Kitchen

Stocking a Home Kitchen with Restaurant Supplies
7788693666_196e3bd8b1_oRestaurants are usually held up as the optimal way to cook. The layout of a kitchen and the choice of restaurant equipment can almost be seen as a platonic ideal. But it’s quite possible for the average home owner to set things up in a similar way to some of the best restaurants. Just because one is cooking at home rather than as a professional chef doesn’t mean that it can’t be done in a professional manner.

The first thing will be, of course, restaurant supplies. It’s true that most places which prepare food will have a similar set of items. This will range from colanders, to knives, or even more automated items such as blenders. But one of the main things which separates the professional and amateur cooks is a dedication to excellence in the tools. For better or worse, we live in a fairly disposable culture. People usually browse by the cheapest price when buying anything. Then, when it inevitably breaks, they move on to the next thing. But one needs to get out of that mindset when thinking of setting up a professional style cooking environment. The best meals come from a combination of excellence in talent and excellence in tools.

However, it’s important to remember that price points don’t always indicate either quality or lack of it. One simply has to really consider each and every item that will go into the kitchen. These aren’t meant to be things that are bought and quickly disposed of. They should instead be seen as an investment that will continue to pay off for years, or even decades.

Next, one should give proper thought to where all of the items will go. Professional establishments base where they put restaurant supplies on the idea of minimizing foot traffic. A busy kitchen will have a large amount of people running around. At home, this will be minimized to one’s family. But at the same time the space available is also being minimized. This means that in relative terms things are fairly equivalent. This also means that one needs to set up the home kitchen in a similar way to how restaurants look at things.

Guest-house-bed-and-breakfast-Morro-d-alba-La-fonte-del-re_18The most important aspect is to lay out kitchen supplies in the same way that one would lay out restaurant supplies. This means that paths to those supplies need to be streamlined. The areas of greatest foot traffic in a kitchen are between fridge, stove and sink. As such, the kitchen supplies should be laid out with proximity to those in mind. Items that aren’t used as much or which have little to no relation to either of those three things should be kept as far into the periphery of the kitchen as possible.

One should also keep associated items together. When making sushi, for example, one will usually need a colander, rice and a rice cooker. Therefore these items should be stored in proximity to each other. And just as much, they require water so they would be positioned near the sink. A similar design philosophy should go into the rest of the restaurant or kitchen supply placement.